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Swap Blocks … and a few new things

My paper piecing adventure has finally begun..it started with the paper and then I decided I wanted the ruler!

I have paper pieced before but it had been years…so I did spend some online time refreshing my memory and also discovering new tools etc…

Carol Doak taught the first quilt class that I took…she was teaching at Quilt Canada and a new friend suggested that we take a class… that was in 1991! I never finished the project, however I met Alva in that class who really took me under her wing and mentored me for years.

I highly recommend Carols paper, I know that there are other ways and means but her paper made it easier.

I watched a YouTube video by Berene Campbell on the appliqué portion of this project which was well worth the time. As a long time Longarm quilter I have a pretty good stash of thread so found just the right colour and weight.

I thought that I would start out with mine to make sure that I knew what I was doing before I embark on the blocks for the seven others in my group. It was fun and will be on the table this week to complete.

Thunder Bay Quilters Guild, Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay Quilters Guild Sisterhood Quilt Swap

Many of our local guild members are participating in a Sisterhood Quilt Swap.

The pattern designer Berene Campbell Happy Sew Lucky She originally designed this block as an international swap and fundraiser with all profits going to Beautiful World Canada this is an organization that not only works to provide scholarships for girls across sub-Saharan Africa but their mission and purpose is to empower children with education so that they can realize their greatness.

The original swap was held in 2019 and from what I have read it was a resounding success.

That said, I decided to shop my stash starting with my low volumes or ideas for the background. Oh and I have found more tucked away here and there in my stash which was a fun endeavour.

Each member of the group are to make 8 units for the 16” block which I will be doing however I think I will have to give the 12” block a try.