I was asked to …

I was asked to quilt this by a friend of mine who is a member of a small quilting group in South Gillies. I was given free reign on how it would be quilts so I chose to outline the applique and freehand fill the background of the centre. Freehand swirls in the green border, feathers in the pink border, and piano keys in the final border.

This quilt will be raffled off in support of the South Gillies Community Centre.





About wendysquilting

Professional Longarm Machine Quilter in Thunder Bay Ontario.
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3 Responses to I was asked to …

  1. Wow! that’s really gorgeous Wendy!


  2. Linda says:

    Absolutely stunning, Wendy!!!! Good choice for your header!!!! I am loving all the photos you post, especially with the fabrics. So much eye candy!


  3. wendysquilting says:

    Thank you so much! In the past I was known for using pastel and soft fabrics but I just have to jump out of that box these days! by the way I absolutely LOVE your quilting!!!


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