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Police Patch Quilt

When my customer first approached me about having this quilt made, he had the collection of patches and wanted a quilt made with them. With some great suggestions from my friend Alva this is what we came up with. Do you have a collection of patches that you are interested in having made into a quilt? For more information email me @ wendysquilting@gmail.com IMG_6618

26 thoughts on “Police Patch Quilt”

  1. What an original idea – so clever. Years ago, I quilted one sorta like it, with patches saved from vacations visiting National Parks


  2. What an original idea – so clever. Wish I had seen this one before I made one sorta like it years ago using patches collected from visiting National Parks. Yours is way too cool!


  3. I work for a police department and many of the officers collect patches. This is a great way to display them.


  4. What a wonderful sentiment! I LOVE this! I don’t know any police officers, tho, so, I’m thinking, “Wow, something to do with all those bowling patches stuffed away!” 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  5. Great Job….My husband is a PO and I had a hard time finding fabric with police related items and finally found some last year…made a quilt , attic windows for them to raffle off for a police scholarship but for some reason they never did the raffle so I kept it for my husband but this definitely is a good idea…He has some patches …That would make a great quilt to raffle off to make some money for one of their causes……I like the bowling patch idea too!!!


  6. In 2008 I made on kind of like that with all my son’s boyscout patches. It was a gift for him when he recieved his Eagle scout award. But I like how the different colors were used in this one. Great job.


  7. What a wonderful way to display a collection of police patches! When my husband retired, I had the patches from the departments which he had worked for during his 35 + year career framed. When I showed him this he really liked it! It’s not only a work of art but a labor of love…


  8. I love this quilt! My husband has hundreds of police patches from all over the world that he’s collected through the years. Can wait to have the time to make something similar! Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Hi! I want to make my daughter a similar quilt with her patch collection! Did you put stabilizer behind the patches? What size are the blocks? Any help would be appreciated! thanks!



  10. Hi Sandra, No I didn’t need to use stabilizer, I used invisible thread and a zig zag stitch to apply it was really easy I think the blocks were about 6″ I would base you block size on your biggest patch.


  11. Wow, this is just amazing. I would love to do one than donate it to a fundraising event for BackStoppers or something to help raise money. I don’t suppose you have a pattern you used or directions on how to make one like this. I’m new to quilting so it would take me forever to put together but I would sill love to make one.


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