A Perfect Autumn Day

With a hard to resist weather forecast, Erik decided to take a day off work so we could go fishing.


Megan decided to take the day off too and join us. The fishing wasn’t too great but the weather and scenery was beautiful and if was fun to have one of our girls with us for a whole day!!


We had a little friend greet us when we putting the boat into the lake. People must have been feeding him this summer because he sure wasn’t shy about coming close to us.


Moose Hunting season opens tomorrow morning, this hunting shack had been set up and left waiting for the weekend. I have a feeling that’s why the fox was hanging out. When we returned with the boat the door to the shack had been opened just enough for someone the size of a fox to get in.



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One Response to A Perfect Autumn Day

  1. lindasteller says:

    Oh Wendy. You’re right. It looks like the perfect day. I can smell the clean crisp air and enjoy the outdoors just from the picture. It’s been raining here, but the sun is out today. Need to get the dog out for a walk. That poor fox will find itself very hungry when winter comes and no one is around to feed it. They lose the will to forage for themselves. I hope he has a very deep hibernation planned!


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