My Love of Pyrex

In a previous post I shared some pictures of Pyrex and also my love of the Vintage pieces. I still have not found a replacement for the bowl I have (that is sadly faded from dishwasher use).

Yesterday I was able to add a Pink 4 pc set as well as a Gold 4 pc set and a matching casserole with lid to my collection. I will use these pieces  because they bring me joy! (though they will never ever see the inside of a dishwasher!!)


I’m still on the lookout for this one


My daughter Mary was with me when I bought my new pieces and assured me that she would like to have them when I no longer need them and hopefully some of her sisters would too.


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Professional Longarm Machine Quilter in Thunder Bay Ontario.
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5 Responses to My Love of Pyrex

  1. How cool! I love the turq too, but have never spotted one when out bargain hunting. Your little corner and the quilts is so cute!


  2. Lindy says:

    Awesome collections! Love the colours! Yay for Pyrex!


  3. funny i have a friend who loves this stuff too so I am always on the lookout for her – this site has that bowl in the set of 4 it came in for about – 77bucks – kinda cool


  4. i think she is not selling it but posting what she bought it for – sorry 😦


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