Welcome Winter!

Winter came earlier this year than it has in many years. This seems more normal to me for this time of the year. I’m not crazy about the freezing cold weather but there is something so magical about all the snow.


I took this picture last Saturday night after our shopping trip it had been snowing all evening.


This is what we woke up to.




How Beautiful is this!!




About wendysquilting

Professional Longarm Machine Quilter in Thunder Bay Ontario.
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5 Responses to Welcome Winter!

  1. TeresaL says:

    Wendy, it looks beautiful……and COLD! 😀

    Your smile looks radiant, I hope life is treating you well.


  2. rondabeyer says:

    Brrrrrrr, but it is as Teresa said so beautiful.. Happy Holidays Wendy!


  3. kayp says:

    what fun! brrrrr is right! enjoy as i know you will 🙂


  4. It’s gorgeous, Wendy! I do wish we’d get just a bit of snow now and then. 😦 I hope you have a blissful holiday season!


  5. AllenQuilts says:

    Beautiful pics, Wendy! Glad to see you posting…I’ve missed reading what you’ve been up to! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season!


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