Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Liam and Grandma’s Day

As promised Liam really enjoyed his breakfast yesterday.

We spent time outside in the woods practicing with the sling shot…he really has this figured out now and was really excited that he can skip stones on the pond with it! We also had fun navigating the deep water on some of the roads in the back of the property due to the large amounts of rain this week. Our rubber boots were well used!

When we came in he enjoyed a bowl of his most favourite thing for lunch…Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup…I don’t tell him but ai buy the low sodium version which make me feel a little better about it. He loves crackers and ice cubes in this soup.

Then it was time to head to the studio!

We spent the afternoon making and attaching the binding…I think that I will sit with him and do the hand stitching while we watch a movie.

Thank you Donna from Fuelled by Fabric for donating the fun fabric for the binding and backing!
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Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Spring Break, Liam Adventures and Quilt

This week is what was supposed to be March break for Ontario schools it was changed to April due to Covid…with a plan to reopen schools on the 19th. Plans change and now the schools will remain closed and students are to continue with virtual learning until further notice.

Liam and I made a plan yesterday for how we will approach virtual learning when we start again. It has been a very real challenge to keep him in front of that laptop for learning.

Erik taught him how to use a slingshot over the weekend, so we went for a walk in the woods so that he could practice his shot. No critters were involved.

On our walk to the mailbox Liam reminded me that we spent last March break together so now it’s a tradition. He assures me that he will always want to hang out with me.

The mailbox contained a big envelope that caught his attention and he opened it as soon as we got home and read a lot of it!

We took Liam to the Dells in 2019 with a plan to return the next summer…that didn’t happen. Liam still loves to talk about that adventure and we have promised that when it’s safe and we can that we will go again.

We spent the afternoon quilting his quilt.

It was a challenge at first and then I decided to try standing behind him with my hands over his and help guide the machine. By the time we finished he was the driver and had really gotten the hang of it! This morning we will trim it and make the binding.

Liam requested and had his favourite supper.

Years ago my Auntie Marie suggested that we had blueberry pie for breakfast…I mentioned that to Liam so guess what’s for breakfast today! We are making the most of these days together and hopefully get also making lots of great memories!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Traditional and Curvy Workshop

I spent the day in my studio yesterday taking a work shop put on by our Thunder Bay Quilt Guild by Daisy Aschehoug of https://warmfolk.com/

I have attended Guild meetings on Zoom and often use the IPad to visit with another quilter while we both work in our own studios.

This was my first workshop on Zoom. It was very very convenient and a lot easier to work from home and I was probably more productive. I did miss the classroom setting and being able to see what everyone was doing and for the instructor to be able to see as well. It was fun learning about Daisy …and a bit about their life in Norway.

We toured northern Finland Sweden and Norway several years ago and I have always wanted to go back with more time to see more.

The class involved 1/4 curve piecing. I did not have a glue stick in order to try her technique so used pins which worked well as I have sewn curves before. I plan to add a glue stick to my next purchase and give it a try. I used the templates purchased from Daisy which amazingly seemed to arrive overnight!

My love of flying geese prevailed and I chose Dutchman’s Puzzle for my traditional block. Using my bin of solids made this block a lot of fun to put together.

The block has a lot of movement. I haven’t decided what will become of it yet so it will wait … I love the idea of a parts department of units and blocks for future projects.
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Stash, Scraps, Work and Life

I love Saturday mornings not that they are really any different these days from other mornings…I love to start my day slowly with a fresh cup of coffee.

Did you know that you can buy a smart coffee cup and that you can set the temperature on your phone? The coffee stays the same temperature until your last sip!

I still love my coffee in my special to me mugs…but someone is retiring in 6 weeks and has always wished that his coffee would stay hot…

Onto my stash…I have been slowly re organizing my beloved collection…one of my daughters who loves to live minimally suggested not long ago that I purge my sewing room! I told her that I am still regretting the fabric that I parted with when I moved!!!

My friend Marlene recently gifted me with fabric that I have always wished I had bought more of! It just makes me smile.

Quilting has been one of my main passions for most of my adult life however most of that time was full of responsibilities of caring for family and earning our living.

Sometimes a couple things need to be added to an order to reach free shipping 🤓

My Longarm quilting has been and will continue to be for others and occasionally myself…all of those quilts have added to the non stop inspiration!

So my stash stays, it grows and I happily and excitingly accept gifts of peoples scraps that would otherwise go to waste…because I can see that as seasons change so do seasons of life and I am finally at the stage that I have been preparing for!

Life was full and busy this week, Liam really enjoyed our field trip and kept me on my toes keeping him fed! He tells me that I make the best food!

I really cherish these days that we share together. He will head back to the classroom the week after next. So far anyways as Ontario is closed to all but essential…

I had planned to buy cards to mail my swap blocks with however…that was a cannot buy item when I was out the other day. I have cards here to use and thankfully we could still buy stamps!

Sisterhood Quilt Swap blocks ready to go.

It’s been a rainy several days …not a lot of sunshine. This customer quilt has reminds me of our colours soon to be out the windows!

Today I am taking a class with Daisy Aschehoug of https://warmfolk.com ….more on that soon.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Pass Lake Field Trip

Liam was here for a few days this week and will be back next week. He loves to use his IPad so I have been having him research areas around Thunder Bay.

I wanted him to choose the backing for his donation quilt so we made an appointment to visit Donna and her shop Fuelled by Fabric in Pass Lake. I will share a picture next week of the perfect backing that was chosen. No pictures were taken as he was much more interested in going up their Mountain and exploring outside. It was a fun Day for us all.

Some fabric followed me home…

This backing has been on my mind…it’s a little too much for what I have currently been working on but when I saw a 6” strip by 100” I knew that it need to come home!

Donna’s husband has been given credit for adding this bolt to her shop.
When I finished in the Longarm studio I decided to play and see how it would play out with the pineapple ruler.
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

When Quilting Makes the Quilt

When Joan brought me this quilt she said that she wasn’t overly excited with it, she had a huge amount of fabric for the backing. A large beautiful print that deserved the extra time to match. I piece many of my customers backings.

I chose the pantograph Flying Paisley and a 40wt linen glide thread.

Quilters are often so surprised at the difference the quilting makes to their tops. In this case we both agreed that the quilting really made it sing!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Swap Blocks … and a few new things

My paper piecing adventure has finally begun..it started with the paper and then I decided I wanted the ruler!

I have paper pieced before but it had been years…so I did spend some online time refreshing my memory and also discovering new tools etc…

Carol Doak taught the first quilt class that I took…she was teaching at Quilt Canada and a new friend suggested that we take a class… that was in 1991! I never finished the project, however I met Alva in that class who really took me under her wing and mentored me for years.

I highly recommend Carols paper, I know that there are other ways and means but her paper made it easier.

I watched a YouTube video by Berene Campbell on the appliqué portion of this project which was well worth the time. As a long time Longarm quilter I have a pretty good stash of thread so found just the right colour and weight.

I thought that I would start out with mine to make sure that I knew what I was doing before I embark on the blocks for the seven others in my group. It was fun and will be on the table this week to complete.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Liam and the Brownie Experiment

While we wait for an opening on Grandmas Longarm to quilt Liam’s quilt we decided to try a different project.

The schools so far will re open on the 19th which I think is a good thing… Liam misses being in school with his teacher and friends. We both needed to come up with something fun and even silly to do.

I suggested that gym class would be going down to the pantry and that he could search for the boxed brownie mix that I had bought for this purpose. Oh did that hit his humour button!

We also decided that the language lesson would be reading the instructions, math would be measuring and science would be in the experiment of using the waffle iron.

So, I will admit that we both agreed that our first attempt was a colossal fail! I will also admit that it was my fault and should have suggested we research our project a little further…it turns out that you don’t just follow the directions on the box…so we added a couple of eggs to the batter.

The next one was for the win!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Piecing Backings and Blocks etc…

The days seem to fly by! It’s been a busy Month of quilting and piecing in between Liam’s school and day to day responsibilities.

This quilt back took a little more time to piece than most as it had a larger motif and called out to be matched. I enjoyed the challenge and feel it was well worth the effort. The quilt is on the frame is close to being completed. More on that soon.

The pineapple blocks have been so much fun! I have a plan for them and a pattern on its way that I am looking forward to jumping into. I will make my sisterhood blocks first and send them on their way!! The papers are printed and ready to start.

Maybe some sewing room tidying is in order as well! I often joke that I am a bit like Jillian Jiggs a story that I used to read to my girls…she would start cleaning her room only to find something else to play with!!….Oh also the fabric to finish my blockheads 3 is on its way, along with some other goodies. Life is so good!